Please man the phones on Monday, January 27, 2014.

Westville Correctional Facility is retaliating against  the inmates who protested last week by refusing to give them heated cells.

Inmates in the A-Pods of Westville are being deprived of heat. The Blue section, A7 & A8, Yellow section 5 & 6 range along with the Alpha Pod are experiencing extremely cold temperatures.

To justify their actions, the prison has stated that there is a new engineer that does not know how to adjust the system up on the roof. In the meantime they have passed out an extra blanket and jacket to combat the freezing temperature.

We are once again asking that you call the governor’s office (Pence) at 317-232-4567 and demand that either the heat gets fixed or that they remove these individuals from these freezing cells and put them in a warmer section as the policy dictates under emergency procedure.

Also call the Commissioner’s office (Lemmon) at 317-232-5711.

Solidarity with prison rebels here and everywhere!